The Loose Moose

January 26, 2012

Love this place and it will live in my memory for a long time. Spent a summer living and working in TO while in Canada on a working holiday visa from Ireland. We used to go here religiously on Monday nights for wings and pitchers and lots of pool. That was in 2001 I think and I still remember the place. Visited not too long ago and now mention you on my website for other working holiday people going to U of T for the summer. Working Holiday in Canada.
Keep up the amazing work - great place!.
Freedom by Design-Ryerson University

January 29, 2012

O'Grady's Crew
Just wanted to thank you on behalf of Freedom by Design for last nights pub and games night. The event turned out to be more successful than we had imagined and your venue was a perfect set up! Everything was very much appreciated! .
Take care,!
Brodi Steinhoff
Freedom by Design-Ryerson University
The Michener Institure for Applied Health Sciences

April 09, 2010

Dear O'Grady's Tap & Grill on College !
One behalf of the Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences Chapter of V-Day 2010, I would like to gratefully ackownledge your participation in our campaign throughout the year. In particular, thank you for hosting many of our fundraising events this year.
The karaoke pub nights that were held at O'Grady's were extremely successful and well attended by students and friends, alike. We greatly appreciate all of your help in organizing these events and assurance that we were well taken care of. Also, I would like to thank you for hosting our cast parties following our performances of The Vagina Monologues. Our friends and family who attended our show were very thankful and pleased with your courteous and welcoming staff. Because of your generosity and constant support, we were able to further our mission in bettering the lives of women and girls in Toronto and around the world.
Again, thank you for joining the V-Day 2010 mission. It means the world to us and all of the women who benefit from these efforts.
Laura Wilson
V-Day 2010: The Michener Institure for Applied Health Sciences, Director
Canadian Studies Student Union

March 12, 2010

O'Grady's !
Thank You for your help with "Canada Day for a Cause". The food was great ! Fun was by all.
Best Wishes !
Canadian Studies Student Union
University of Toronto

Sep. 05, 2009

Great Food and Service. Last night was very special. Your restaurant has all that I needed. Thanks guys !
Miky C.

July 13, 2009

This is indeed the default pub for U of T. Many first and second year students enjoy some of their best college years in this pub! More of a mix of artsy and engineers than either Molly Bloom (mostly artsci) and Einstein's (Engineer galore). Looks like under new management the service has been improved a lot, crowd is ok, food is also GREAT (more the sandwiches than the pub fare), drinks are GREAT too and cheaper on Thursday. As far as remember, under previous poor management this place has been shut down in the past for serving underage etc., """Shame on them to shut this great place, for their mismanagement""". That being said, the new management appreciates the college crowd in a multitude of ways.
Colin Farrell

July 13, 2009

How in the hell does this place not have a million reviews? At U of T, this is generally the "default" pub if you feel like going out right after class. It's relaxing, and there are pool tables upstairs. OK, there is one specific thing - the fries (potato wedges) are really great! Great place to eat and have some fun !
Maria Angela

July 13, 2009

1. GREAT friendly service.
2. GREAT atmosphere.
3. GREAT pub food.
4. GREAT Price!
Great for during the day, really fun and exciting at night.
Lord of the Wings blogspot

July 10, 2009

There are about 5 staple pubs that UofT students attend: Ein-Stein's, Ferret & the Firkin, The Madison, Ye Olde Brunswick House (or the Brunny as it is more commonly known) and O'Grady's. I didn't go to O'Grady's until my second year, after hearing it had excellent nachos. After that, I fell for the place. Its a typical Irish pub, with sports everywhere, pool tables and a DJ on the second floor, and lots of space to enjoy a pint. Well, I was pleasantly reminded at how good a place this was. The wings came out and instantly filled my nostrils with the strong smell of suicide sauce. The wings were big - very large. They were decently meaty and had a reasonable crisp to the skin. The wings were soaked in sauce, about perfect for me in terms of how wet this type of wing should be. Read more about this comment ..
Marcus Dion

June 09, 2009

O'Grady's never been like this Cool Place from long time, a lot of hard work has gone into creating the perfect place for costumers. Thank you New Onwers for changing this place.
I wish the Best.
Bastian Bräuer

June 08, 2009

Best Pub in town!!!
I never had a better time in a Pub in Toronto. Cold beer, warm hearts and and the sweetest waitresses in Toronto. i never felt more home away from Germany. i really miss the place.
George Doyle

May 10, 2009

I had an unforgettable experience at O'Grady's for my birthday. I booked it in advance and everything they told me from day one it happened. Great service and i would definitely go back again.
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